Folks all over Louisiana are going into their storage sheds today and polishing up their gumbo pots and getting ready to cook it up this weekend since the cold front came through Wednesday.

Forecasters are calling for highs to be in the low 70s and the temperature is going to drop in the evenings to the low 50s.

Over the years, we have had all sorts of stories about gumbo from how to make a great gumbo to the weird things people put in their gumbos.

TSM Mike Soileau
TSM Mike Soileau

If you are a Cajun like us, then you know there are some no-nos when it comes to cooking gumbo.  Check out this list of weird things people put in their gumbo.

Then the great debate is always on. How cold does it need to be for Louisiana Cajuns to cook a gumbo?  Some say it needs to be a certain temperature outside while some say it's always a good time to cook one.  Here is what most say:

Now that it is cold outside, some folks opt-out from cooking gumbo and like cooking other cold weather-type foods.  The list includes a vegetable beef soup and a good chili.  Here is a list of alternative cold-weather foods to cook other than gumbo that Louisiana folks cook up.

Whatever you're cooking this weekend, enjoy it and have a great time this weekend.

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