UPDATE 2:21 p.m.: LSU's sports information director is now claiming that no meeting between Les Miles and Tyrann Mathieu never took place!  Michael Bonnette, on his Twitter feed, is now stating that Les Miles himself denies any meeting ever took place.  Badger Gate is starting to get as muddy as the Mississippi.(UPDATED INFORMATION IN BOLD)

The saga of Tyrann Mathieu -- or what I will start referring to as "Badger Gate" -- has taken another turn.  After reports started circulating the past couple days that Tyrann would make an announcement today on where he would transfer, ESPN reported last night that the announcement would not happen today.

Then today, a report from the Times-Picayune surfaced on the web saying that Les Miles and Tyrann Mathieu met last night and in the meeting Miles told Tyrann Mathieu that he should just move on with his career.  Meanwhile, LSU officials are denying the meeting ever took place.

Here's what we read in the original NOLA.com post from the Times-Picayune -- in it, you'll notice that reporter Jim Kleinpeter confirms his information directly from Les Miles:

LSU Coach Les Miles advised former Tiger cornerback Tyrann Mathieu to move on with his career rather than try to return to the team in 2013 in a meeting between the two Tuesday night, a source close to Mathieu said Wednesday.

Miles confirmed that the meeting took place but declined to comment on the purpose or other details.
Distraught and remorseful over his dismissal last Friday because of a positive drug test, Mathieu sought an avenue to return after sitting out the 2012 season against the wishes of his family, the source said. But Miles re-affirmed to Mathieu, a Heisman Trophy finalist and All-American last season, that the possibility of reinstatement was iffy at best and that his best course of action was to transfer to another school and apply for the NFL draft, the source said.
A decision will be forthcoming after the family meets and discusses the matter and Mathieu undergoes some "healing," the source said. Mathieu is eligible immediately if he transfers to a Football Championship Subdivision (Division I-AA) team or lower level. He has already visited McNeese State and has also expressed interest in Nicholls State, Jackson State and Prairie View A&M.
But now, LSU's Sports Information Director Michael Bonnette is taking to his Twitter feed, denying that the meeting ever took place:
Michael Bonnette's Twitter Feed
So it seems that another chapter in this already confusing saga has occurred. And we're still no closer to knowing where The Honey Badger will land.  McNeese remains on the shortlist of schools that most people think will take Mathieu.  But now, a new question is emerging -- does anyone really care?

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