I am sure that we have all gotten a call or two from the spammers. The ones that will call and claim that you have an unpaid ticket or those trying to convince you to give them vital information. This is nothing new and there is no end in the foreseeable future. Today the LCPD released a statement warning local residents of a phone scam that is stirring up things locally.

There have been reports that residents are receiving a phone call stating a warrant has been issued for their arrest. They are being told that they have missed a court date and will be arrested. What's even more concerning is that the caller has basic knowledge of the individual being called. This could include a name, address, phone number, and in some cases their place of employment. If you are like me this is the last thing that you want to hear on the other end. Most of the time you want to alleviate the problem as quickly as possible without causing further incidents. referring to a phone scam that is making

There have also been cases where the victims have been asked to release funds to offset the arrest. Lake Charles Police Department wants everyone to know that this is a scam and is not happening. Arrest warrants are served in person by law enforcement officials and not by phone. If there are times where someone is called pertaining to a warrant, remember that you will not be asked to pay anything over the phone.

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