About two weeks ago we mentioned in an article that the Powerball jackpot and the Mega Millions jackpot were "due" to be won. We were off by a couple of weeks obviously but last night a single ticket sold for the multi-state Mega Millions lottery game gave "my lottery math" a little credence.

Officials with the Mega Millions game have confirmed a single ticket sold for last night's drawing did in fact match the numbers necessary to claim the games top prize.


Here's what we know. The winning numbers that were drawn for last night's Mega Millions game were:

36   41   45   51   56   Mega Ball 13 and Megaplier x3

While we do know that one ticket matched all the numbers including the Mega Ball there is also confirmation of a second ticket that matched all five white numbers too. That ticket, because it did not have the Mega Ball match is only worth $1 million.

The $1 million dollar winner was reportedly sold at a store in Connecticut. The exact town and retailer is not known at this time. And we can confirm that the big money ticket was not sold in Louisiana. So, it does look as if you'll be heading into work today.

Katie Harp via Unsplash.com


But what we do know about Louisiana players and their results from last night is this. There were two tickets sold in Louisiana that are worth $1,500 this morning and two others that are worth $500 this morning. In both cases, players matched four of the five white-ball numbers. The $1,500 winners opted for the Megaplier. That's why their prize is three times larger.

Alexander Mils via Unsplash.com

Oh, and I guess you were wondering where the big money ticket was sold. That ticket was apparently purchased in New York. Exactly where in New York we don't know as of publication time. However, by later this morning you can expect satellite trucks from all the tv networks to converge on that location, wherever it happens to be. After all, we are talking about a windfall of $432 million.

Since you didn't win Mega Millions last night, there's still hope for you with tonight's Powerball drawing. That jackpot is listed at an estimated $490 million dollars. Which would be a very nice financial enhancement for most of us. The drawing in the Powerball game is set for 9:59 tonight. By rule, ticket sales must cease one hour before the drawing. Good Luck.

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