Okay, going back 20 years might be a little aggressive in this painful narrative of social media gone wrong. If I recall, 20 years ago was right after we switched to the new millennium so we were probably too busy keeping our computers synced up and keeping airplanes from falling out of the sky because of the "turn of the century".

However, in the years since the "great millennium switch" our connection to social media and to one another has grown closer and closer. Granted, there are times when it seems to be too close but for the most part, I think a lot of us like being able to keep tabs on friends and family. It's those total idiot strangers on social media we can't seem to figure out.

By "total idiot strangers" I am talking about influencers. You know, regular people, with a camera and a platform that choose to use that platform to promote themselves first and something stupid second.

Now I would be remiss if I did not mention that there have been some great social media "fads" that have actually benefitted us all. The Ice Bucket Challenge comes to mind. As strange as that was, it certainly did aid research on ALS/ Lou Gehrig's Disease and proceeds from those challenges are still funding a lot of great research.

Now, there were some challenges that were not met with such grandiose results. In fact some of them are downright criminal.

11 of the Dumbest Social Media Fads of the Past 20 Years


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