When it rains it pours or something like they used to say back in the day. I was online yesterday and came across some disheartening information as the announcement was made that Izzo's will be closing its doors indefinitely this Sunday. Izzo's has been the spot in Lake Charles for some of the biggest Burritos in the city. I remember when they first opened I went there along with a friend of mine and that has been my go-to spot as well as my family.

So with the news of them closing it really shines a dim light on a restaurant that was truly a gem in the area. There was rarely a time that I went where there wasn't a crowd and the staff and crew were always helpful and welcoming as soon as you walked into the restaurant. While they are known for their overstuffed Burritos, I have still never tried the Illegal Burrito as I generally stop on Super and sometimes just the regular. I am also a fan of the Burrito Bowl, and the Street Tacos are good as well.

Manager Alana Williams disclosed on her personal Facebook page that the rumors of negativity are not the way to go. She also noted that this was a financial decision that many can understand now and they are working to help their current employers find work during the process. With this news alone, I have to commend them for being true professionals in a world where this is a rarity these days I think I may have to make a trip over there sometime this weekend as they will be officially shut down operations at 3 p.m. this Sunday. What will you miss most about Izzo's once they close their doors?


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