Nothing makes me sadder than to hear a local business is shutting its doors. That seems to be the case for the famed Boombox Frozen Pops and Ice Cream. The "retro" ice cream shop opened up downtown with some of the coolest gourmet treats, but with a retro feel. Owner Nick Villaume not only brought the sweets to the party in the downtown area but pushed for more events to happen downtown. I remember seeing him often at Pujo and Ryan during events chewing on a cigar and smiling as people shuffled around during events.

The ice cream shop didn't stop at just selling sweets, they sourced local products to use in their process plus opened its doors to local schools to take a tour and even make their own pops! Eventually, Boombox expanded east and opened a second shop in Baton Rouge at the same time it moved out to South Lake Charles. They continued to turn out amazing products for us all to fall in love with until the pandemic put a hitch in the giddy-up of a lot of businesses alike. Another punch in the gut was horrible hurricanes and a freeze. That would put anyone on their knees. Boom Box took to social media to make their announcement.

The business is for sale, and the space they currently reside in is up for lease as well. For those of you, like me, that are huge fans of their hot chocolate, Nick did mention they will be bringing it back one last time for the winter season. Perhaps someone will invest in the business and keep it running, if not, we all certainly wish Nick and his family the absolute best and a thank you for bringing an amazing product to the Lake Charles area.

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