Welp, here we are at $4.55 a gallon for gasoline on average in Louisiana and $5.34 a gallon for diesel. I can now officially feel old when I tell you that back in my high school days, gas was $.99 a gallon and we all freaked out when it went to over a dollar. During the pandemic, I was so excited to get diesel for less than two dollars a gallon. I know then I should have stocked up on it!

Willie Leger of Leger Metal Works has decided that sometimes you need to improvise when you need to cut loose at a bar sometimes. He took matters into his own hands and took the horse to the drive-through at Koozies. The picture shows him successfully accomplishing his mission and enjoying a cold beer for less than the price of gas. Course, we won't take into account of the feed for the horse, but that's still gotta be cheaper than fuel at this point. Seeing this whole situation and more and more of this happening, I got curious as to the law on drinking while on a horse.

Willie Leger
Willie Leger

Before we scratch the surface of the law, understand that I am googling these laws so if you get stopped for doing this, don't go quoting Buddy Russ on saying this is legal or not. I just mildly googled to see what the laws say! Got it? Good!

Essentially, the law in Louisiana does state that you cannot operate a motor vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, or vessel of transportation while intoxicated. This does exclude non-motorized bikes or horses. Now, we are getting somewhere! You can, in the state of Louisiana, legally ride a horse on the road. Back in 2015, an example of this actually happened. A drunk cowboy rode his horse home since he didn't feel safe enough to drive. He was stopped, but the police were unable to cite him for a DUI. Instead, he got a summons for disturbing the peace.

God bless Louisiana. Looks like we can all finally get that pony we wanted when we were kids and just ride them around barhopping from place to place. Disturbing the peace is a way better fine than DUI. Plus, the horse knows the way home better than we do sometimes!

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