Ochsner Lafayette General Hospital got into some hot water over a post they made about getting a vaccine. I am all for a joke, especially in times like this. Sometimes a joke about hard times is just the thing to snap you out of the dark place you are in and lighten the mood. I can remember after Laura there were jokes flying around about single guys bragging to the ladies that they had hot water and a generator. We made jokes about stopping yourself from turning on your light switch. Times were rough, but there was a bit of humor to ease the mood at times.

Although we made the joke that Hurricane Laura blew away COVID-19, in reality it didn't even come close. Louisiana is on edge as we inch closer and closer to higher numbers of death and infection. The fear of locking down the state is upon us as we go back to a mask mandate. Medical professionals are working non-stop to help patients live, while we all debate on if we should take the vaccine or not.

Tensions are high and we are all stressed beyond belief. Sometimes that's when humor can be a good remedy, or so Lafayette General thought. They made a post to make light of a situation about encouraging people to get the vaccine. Now, I personally don't care whether you are getting it, got it, or don't plan on it. A joke is a joke and this is simply all it was. Personally, I think it was absolutely hilarious and would probably be quite impactful on vaccine dispersal.

Facebook, Ochsner Lafayette General
Facebook, Ochsner Lafayette General

I giggled, and then said to myself that it would probably be even more effective in a link of boudin or five pounds of crawfish. Funny or not, it didn't go over very well with some followers of the hospital. The negative comments got bad enough that the hospital ended up redacting their joke and issuing an apology about the it.

There's a time and place for everything.

We apologize for making light of a serious situation.

The comments that followed the apology were generally encouraging. Some even said they had taken a screen shot of the joke and passed it around.

We are in a really dark time in not only Louisiana, but in SWLA too. I have always known this area to crack a good joke and keep pushing on. Sometimes you have to laugh in order to keep from crying.

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