Louisiana has received its first shipment of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. This vaccine is designed to be just a single dose vaccine, unlike others that require two.

On February 27, the vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson was approved by the FDA under emergency authorization. The other unique property for this vaccine is that it has a shelf life of three months and does not have to be stored in extreme temperatures. State Health Officer Dr. Joseph Kanter discussed in a release how this vaccine does precisely what it needs to do: iIt prevents hospitalization or death at a 100% effectiveness.

There will be a Mass Vaccination Event (MVE) in Lake Charles beginning today through March 10. The location for this event is at the Lake Charles Civic Center, with 1,200 doses available per week. You must register for the vaccination before showing up.

The registration form can be found on the Department of Health's website, along with a questionnaire that must be completely filled out. You also must still fall underneath the criteria for receiving a vaccination.

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