Correction: The original story had stated that Ben Terry was leaving KPLC. The actual story is that KPLC's Jacob Durham would be leaving the station, as was announced by Ben Terry on his Facebook page. We apologize for the confusion on our part.

On Friday, July 29, KPLC's Ben Terry announced the heartbreaking news that Jacob Durham would be leaving SWLA.

The beloved local weatherman shared the news on his Facebook and was not exactly happy to see Durham go. Terry said Durham's last day at KPLC will be August 10, 2022, and then introduced incoming meteorologist Jeff Andrews.

Jacob Durham has been covering the weather for SWLA while Ben Terry has been continuing his journey battling colon cancer. Of course, we have been missing Ben on Sunrise for the last few months. We wish Jacob the best in whatever his future holds and thank him for providing the much-needed weather information here in SWLA. Here's some more of what you can expect from Jeff Andrews when he assumes his role during the morning show.

In the meantime, thank you Jacob for your hard work and dedication for the past three years. Wishing you the very best in your future endeavors!  On that same note, we would like to join Ben in welcoming Jeff Andrews to KPLC and SWLA.

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