Before we begin this little story, don't get offended by the comments and jokes that will be shown here. It's all in fun. The person in question was actually recovered by Bayou Boyz Fugitive Recovery back in 2019, but just recently his photo has gained some Facebook comment attention. After all, you opened this article to see what in the world is going on!

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

Meet Jourdan Thompson. He got into a bit of trouble a few years back, allegedly. I couldn't find much information on exactly what happened, but he was picked up for a fugitive warrant for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. A fugitive warrant is simply an arrest warrant that is issued by a jurisdiction for a person that is wanted by another jurisdiction.

Jourdan was picked up by the Bayou Boyz and delivered to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department. In doing so, the Boyz post proof on their Facebook page. They do so for transparency of what they do.

Pictures and videos are posted in order for transparency of our operations on our duties!!! We do not post for advertisement nor for promotional purposes of our company!!

With a name like Bayou Boyz, I am sure they have seen a few swamps in their day to catch someone. This particular fugitive, I would assume, didn't put up much of a fight. Nor, do I think there was any concern about him being armed. The comments on the Boyz page go even harder!

With over 8500 comments, I can assure you they are worth grabbing snacks and looking through.

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