On Friday, April 11th, Kevin Naquin performed live for our Cajun Radio Backstage Pass concert series.  It is a up-close and personal concert for our listeners.

Didn't win your spot to the Backstage pass?  Don't worry -- because I have you covered with this video of the entire performance!

Kevin is joined by keyboardist Darryl Fontenot and fiddler David Varnado for an experimental, stripped-down concert.  You've never heard these guys like this, and it's incredible that these musicians can make a performance this beautiful without half of their band. It's easily one of our favorite performances in the Cajun Radio Backstage Pass, and we hope you enjoy the music and all the stories Kevin had to tell -- like this:


A lot of my friends growing up would go, “Why don’t you come out with us on the weekend?”  And I’d say, “Well, I’m playing music.”  “Man, when you gonna leave that chanky-chank stuff alone and come out with us, man?” … A lot of people say, “I don’t understand.”  You’ll never understand it until you have a love for music – or Cajun music – as much as way I do.  And that paid my way through college.”


Music’s always been a part of my life, and she’s known that since we’ve been together.  And, you know, when money’s tight, she’s like, “Why you not gigging? … You need to go squeeze the box a little bit.”

Kevin Naquin -- Cajun Storytellers (35:02)

Jump Straight to a Song:

  1. Les Flammes D'Enfer
  2. La Vie Est Jamais Garantie (at 5:12)
  3. Tee Na Na (at 9:10)
  4. One Scotch, One Bourbon, Another Beer (at 16:57)
  5. The Kaplan Waltz (at 22:22)
  6. Tupelo Honey [feat. Darryl Fontenot] (at 28:50)

The Band:

Kevin Naquin -- accordion, vocals
Darryl Fontenot -- keyboards, vocals
David Varnado -- fiddle

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We hope you enjoyed it and there will be more Cajun Radio backstage passes to come with your favorite artist!