Country music legend and one of my all time favorites, Keith Whitley, died 27 years ago today. Keith Whitley left us way too soon, but he did leave us with some of the best country music ever recorded.

Keith Whitley was born on July 1st, 1955. He went to Nashville back in 1970 as a young man trying to make it into the music biz. Little did we all know what a huge impact he would have on country music in his short life.

Keith Whitley had 5 number one hits during his career, which included the now iconic songs "Don't Close Your Eyes", "When You Say Nothing at All", "I'm No Stranger to the Rain", "I Wonder Do You Think of Me" and "It Ain't Nothin'". 

My personal favorites are Miami, My Amy and Ten Feet Away. In recent years, Keith Whitley's popularity has skyrocketed, and a couple of his songs have become cult classic for the hardcore Whitley fans.

Here is Keith performing Miami, My Amy live:

Kentucky Bluebird and I Don't go around Mirrors have become some of Keith's most popular songs, even though they were never released as singles.

Sadly, Keith Whitley passed away on this day 27 years ago from alcohol poisoning at his home in Nashville. He was 34 years old.