Addiction isn’t funny, and neither are people trying to beat their addictions and get their lives back on track.


As opioid addiction continues to be a problem across the nation, it turns out a lot of people are turning to the popular anti-diarrhea medicine, Imodium, to both self-treat their withdrawal symptoms and get high. And I'm sorry, but taking poop pills to get stoned is kind of funny.

The active ingredient in Imodium is a drug called Loperamide, which I guess does something for soothing withdrawals, although people are also abusing it for the supposed euphoric effect that clogging up your pooper apparently has.

Who knew?

Where it gets less funny is when people start dying from overdosing on the stuff. The American College of Emergency Physicians released a statement citing a 71% increase in poison center calls related to intentional loperamide exposure from 2011-2014.

The release also cites two case studies of patients who treated their opioid addictions with “massive” doses of loperamide. Both patients died.

The lesson here is 1.) Don’t do drugs, kids and 2.) If you want to get clean, get help.

No one wants to see anybody get hurt from trying to beat their addictions. And nobody wants something like poop medicine to have to be locked away behind the pharmacy counter, either.

Seriously, don’t screw it up for the rest of us. We already have to show ID and sign an ocean of forms just to get a little cold medicine whenever we have the flu and already feel awful.

Don’t make us have to wait in line and ask the pharmacist for diarrhea pills, too. If we're looking to buy Imodium, we’re already in an Emergency Pooping Situation, at that point.

Every second counts.