Sometimes in life, you just need to slow down and take it easy. At least that's what they say. I really don't know who THEY are, but this guy seems to know them well. Abbie Delcambre was riding down Hwy 27 to God's country of Hackberry, Louisiana when she saw this guy on the side of the road kicking back in a random shopping cart. Of course, it's a sight to see and MUST be documented as such. She posted some screenshots of the video to share on Facebook, and that's when things get a bit more interesting.

Much like tagging an endangered species in the wild, people began to comment on all of the places they have seen this guy relaxing with his shopping cart. One commenter said they had seen him in Carlyss the previous day. Some others saw him near Pete Seay and Walker two days prior to the picture. Within a few comments and people saying the times he was seen, some even estimated his time of arrival down to Holly Beach. Low and behold, he was down there almost to the day from when he was spotted crossing his way into Hackberry.

I am not here to make fun of this man's situation. None of us know it. A lot of comments included that the Cameron Sheriff's office was seen a few times stopping to check on him. Some had seen and personally checked on him as well. He had a fishing pole in the cart, and some other odds and ends. We can look at this a few different ways, but I see a man wanting to head to the beach on a budget. We are all sitting around working our butts off to afford gas and groceries while this man is headed down to the beach all while taking in the sights of God's Country.

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