Mike Soileau & Joshua Ledet

It was a busy weekend here in Southwest Louisiana when Westlake native and American Idol top 3 finalist Joshua Ledet came home to a huge homecoming.

It started off Saturday right here in the Cajun Radio studios with our interview with Joshua.  Then there was a parade, a concert at the Burton Coliseum and then Joshua made an appearance at Contraband Days where I was hosting the Cajun music concerts and he sang there too!

Now tonight he will be back on a national stage singing for votes to put him in the American Idol finale!  Do you know how to vote tonight

Joshua Ledet at Contraband

There are three easy ways for you to vote: Toll-free Voting, AT&T Text Voting and Online Voting at www.AmericanIdol.com

1.       Toll-free Voting:  Joshua Ledet will be assigned his own toll-free number during the performance show each Wednesday. To vote, simply watch American Idol on FOX, from 7-9 p.m. and dial Josh’s assigned telephone number starting at 9:01 p.m. until 11 p.m. Votes are unlimited when calling or texting.

2.       AT&T Text Voting: Joshua Ledet will be assigned his own SMS/text message short code number each Wednesday. AT&T wireless customers only may text the word ‘VOTE’ to Joshua’s 4 digit short code numbers.

3.       Online Voting: If you have a Facebook account, you can also vote online at www.AmericanIdol.com. After you vote online, post on your facebook page so that your friends will see that you voted for Joshua Ledet and want to vote as well.

Voting will open at the end of each performance show on Wednesday night at 9:01 p.m. You will have at least two hours to cast your votes.  Online voting is limited to 50 votes per account. The results will be broadcast on FOX  Thursday at 7 p.m.

I wonder if I will be on TV tonight?  I bet you are wondering too!  Well all eyes will be on the show tonight and now that we gave you the details on how to vote, DO IT!  Let's get Josh in the finale!

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