Joshua Ledet did it!  He is in the Final 3 and coming home!

Last night, around 7:45 p.m. I was watching the results on American Idol to see if our own hometown guy would make it into the Top 3.  As we reported earlier in the day, if he did make the Final 3, tickets for his homecoming concert would be given out at two locations for his concert Saturday night at the Burton Coliseum.

Once it was official, I jumped into my truck and headed down to the McNeese ticket office to see if there was a line.  Little did I know what I was about to see!

First of, I headed east on McNeese street toward the football stadium.  When i reached the McNeese and Ryan street intersection, to my surprise, the traffic was at a stand still all heading toward the McNeese ticket office.

Once I finally reached the intersection of Common and McNeese Streets, I was shocked to that there were vehicles coming from all directions whipping into the big paved parking lot in front of Cowboys stadium.

It was exactly 8:00 p.m. when I pulled into the McNeese parking lot to see that it was over have full of cars and trucks parked already.  That is a big parking lot as you know so for it to be over have full already was crazy!  Check out the picture below to see.

Joshua Ledet

Oh and by the way, I wasn't there to try and get tickets for his show, I just wanted to see the frenzy that would occur. People were parking wherever they could and literally running from their vehicles to get in line! I was saying to myself WOW!

Well I weaved my way through the parking lot and got onto the side road between the parking lot and the baseball field heading toward the ticket office.  I got as close as I could and snapped these pictures.

Joshua Ledet

Look how long that line was and oh I want to remind you that it is only 8:05 p.m. by this time!  What I mean by that is that they had just revealed that Joshua Ledet made it into the Final 3 not less than 20 minutes earlier on the show! 

Well Joshua Ledet fans, it only took about One Hour and all the tickets were gone! I mean every last one of them gone! I have lived in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana and have never seen the level of support that I saw last night!

If you didn't get a ticket, you can still hear our interview with Joshua.  We will have Joshua in our studio tomorrow morning for and exclusive interview at 9 a.m. so listen up!

Good luck Josh on the rest of your journey and welcome home!


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