Such is the life of a fan of a big-time college football program. Yeah, I am talking about how LSU fans are dealing with a bit of a conundrum here lately. Sure the Tigers will be playing in a postseason bowl game. They face Kansas State in the Texas Bowl tomorrow in Houston but for most LSU fans they will watch the game but I wouldn't blame any of them if they turned the game off early and went to bed.

I mean, it's just a bowl game, it's not for the National Championship. LSU fans have standards. Granted they are unrealistic standards but they are standards nonetheless.

Yeah, it's been that kind of a year for the Tigers who are just a couple of season's removed from going undefeated and winning the College Football Playoff Championship. However, for a couple of former Tigers, namely Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase their success in the NFL has been like deja vu all over again.

You might remember this scene from the New Orleans Superdome following LSU's national title win over Clemson in 2019.

There is nothing like the sweet taste of a victory cigar. That photo, that video, became a part of the Joe Burrow legend that night. After his success with the Tigers of LSU, many wondered how Burrow would fare in the NFL with a bunch of other Tigers in Cincinnati.

Well following yesterday's win by the Bengals over Kansas City in which they clinched the AFC Northern Division and assured themselves a spot in the NFL Playoffs, let's just say history repeated itself.

I would say if you're a Cincinnati Bengals fan you've got to like your chances moving forward in the playoffs and over the next few years. With talents like Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase, "LSU North" will probably be pretty good for the next several years.

That's not bad for a kid from Ohio who wasn't "good enough to play for The Ohio State University". But then again, we've always had questions about the Buckeyes and the Big 10.

Up next for the Bengals they will face the Cleveland Browns next Sunday before the NFL's Wildcard Round of the Playoffs begin on January 15th. As of right now, we aren't sure who Burrow and the Bengals will face or what day they play but we do know that as long as they keep winning the Bengals locker room will not be "smoke-free".

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