In 2019 Joe Burrow received the Heisman Trophy. Most people already knew that.  During his acceptance speech he talked about something near and dear to his heart, people living in poverty and dealing with food insecurity. In his speech he talked about the folks in need back in his hometown of Athens, Ohio, and how we could all do something to end hunger.

The speech was so heartfelt not only did it go viral, but Athens County Food Pantry received over $400,000 in donations because of Joe. Now he is taking his initiative of fighting hunger to another level. This week (Tuesday) the former LSU QB announced that he was launching The Joe Burrow Foundation. The Bengals news release outlines Joe's goals for his foundation, but his main focus is providing critical resources and services to people in poor communities in Ohio and Louisiana. In his own words:

"We will build on our efforts to tackle food insecurity by also finding ways to offer up support in Greater Cincinnati, other parts of Ohio, Baton Rouge, and Louisiana," He added. "My mom, a lifetime educator, experiences firsthand the effect of mental health issues on children and their families. We want to make a difference here as well."


The Bengals QB is making a difference on and off the field and his foundation is not just his initiative, it's a Burrow family ambition. Joe will serve as president of the executive board. The vice president will be his dad, Jimmy Burrow. His mom, Robin Burrow will serve as the foundation's secretary and treasurer.

We all can do something to stamp out hunger, one person at a time. Join the fight against food insecurity and donate to the Joe Burrow Foundation, visit its website:

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