The Mannings, are the first family of Louisiana football, even though most of them only contributed to the state's football legacy through their exploits in high school. Okay, Peyton did throw that pick-six in the Super Bowl against the Saints which will forever cement his legacy into the hearts of fans of the Black and Gold everywhere.

Super Bowl XLIV
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Since Archie, now Peyton, and now Eli have hung up their cleats you'd think we'd be seeing less of the famous football family on our television sets. That is not the case. The Manningcast, has been one of the current and previous football season's brightest spots.

In that TV program, it's as if fans get to sit in the living room with Peyton and Eli and their special "zoomed-in guests" to discuss life, liberty, and of course the football game that's going on.

The Manningcast has gotten so popular it's even being lampooned on Saturday Night Live, a feat that was not lost on Eli Manning, the younger of the Manning brothers.  In fact, it was a Tweet by Eli that turned us on to this clip.

It's from WVUE TV's Jim Mora Show. It was first aired back in 1991 and you'll see some very fresh faces in the video.

In the video, you'll see some of the on-field prowess that catapulted Peyton into a stellar NFL career and an even more lucrative career as a TV spokesperson. He could also make a fortune selling advertising space on that massive forehead too.

By the way, y'all saw where Peyton revealed why his noggin' always got so red when he played the game. I guess pads can only cover so much, right?

Regardless, fans of Louisiana football will no doubt enjoy this flashback to a simpler time when all we had was Archie. Now Archies grandson, Cooper's kid Arch, is lighting up the high school football world and appears to be on the fast track to a great college career as well.

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