A Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's deputy was injured today after wrecking his patrol car pursuing a subject.

Christopher Ivey with the Criminal Investigations Division for the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff Office stated:

Jefferson Davis deputies were involved in pursuit of vehicle driving
without lights in the early morning hours before daylight today.  A
vehicle was observed speeding on I-10 Westbound at milepost 65.  When
deputies attempted to stop the vehicle, utilizing emergency lights and
siren it proceeded with no lights and refused to stop. The pursuit ended
when deputies no longer had a visual on the suspect vehicle.  A short
time later a tip came into the deputies, that the blacked out vehicle was seen
traveling at a high rate of speed north of Roanoke.  Deputies were
attempting to locate the vehicle when the crash occurred.  The sheriff's
unit was traveling on Liberty Cemetery Road and lost control when it
transitioned from blacktop road to gravel.  The vehicle left the
roadway, crossed the ditch and struck a levee.  The vehicle then went into
air and traveled 50ft before landing in field.  The deputy was
airlifted to Lafayette hospital, treated for minor injuries and released.
No other persons were involved in crash.


Source: Christopher Ivey JDSO


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