It's going around once more. The shocking assertion is that those who inject drugs intravenously will insert the needle into a toilet paper roll to effectively wipe off the blood and skin so they can use the same needle later.

The most recent comes from the Hawaii Mom Blog and appears to have pictorial evidence. It warns readers to always inspect the toilet paper rolls that are hung in hotel bathrooms.

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Even though pictures of what appear to be microscopic blood stains on toilet paper that are hung in public restrooms have gone viral, she said in her blog that she has been aware of this practice, which has been called an urban legend. Hawaii Mom Blog continued by saying that ever since, she's made sure to.

I was recently in Tulsa, and upon checking the toilet paper in both of our hotel room bathrooms, the below is what I found. Red marks on both toilet paper rolls that appear to be blood. Of course, I was disturbed and grossed out.  I immediately took the rolls off and replaced them with the unwrapped rolls (which I did check). I also notified the staff and took pictures, and they were very apologetic.  Although I can't say for sure what the marks are, I can only guess they are indeed blood stains from needles. Now I know - check the toilet paper even in hotel rooms!


While there are warning-filled TikTok videos online, as the Ladbible website states, multiple health agencies concur that this is highly unlikely because attempting to stab toilet paper would probably result in the needle breaking off.

You now know the most recent assertion, so you can act on it however you see fit, regardless of what you decide to believe. As for me, I think ill just hold it till I get home.


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