Is the Bible Belt ready to accept Marijuana as a legit form of medicinal treatment? Is Lake Charles ready to become "Green"?

That is the million dollar question! Residents of SWLA tend to be politically conservative and religious, which leads me to think we may see plenty of protests in front of the business after it opens its doors.

Well, ready or not, it seems Lake Charles is a strong candidate to receive a Medical Marijuana Pharmacy in the next few months.

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The Advocate is reporting that 10 locations across the state are being determined for pharmacy locations to sell medical marijuana. Lake Charles is one of those locations, although no permits have been given yet. A company named Acadiana Therapeutic Remedies of Lafayette seems to be the front-runner for the permit to operate in Lake Charles.

The group hopes to open Calcasieu Therapeutics at a vacant building at 4957 Big Lake Road.

In 2015 and 2016, the Louisiana Legislature authorized a highly-regulated medical marijuana program. Under the new "Green Laws", the LSU and Southern University agricultural centers are growing the plants to make medical products. The licensed pharmacies will dispense the marijuana in non-smokable forms.

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How do you feel about SWLA getting a Medical Marijuana Pharmacy?