How many times have you said this to yourself?

“You know, I always enjoy hearing Gator 99.5 radio legend Dale Mann, but I’m so disappointed that he gave up his rap career.”

I know I say it, like, three times a day easy. And heck, if Tupac Shakur (dead since 1996, thank you very much) can release new albums and dirty videos from beyond the grave, why can’t Dale Mann -- especially since Dale’s alive? (Don’t worry. There are no Dale Mann dirty videos. Phew.) Our sister station shared this with us, and we can’t help but share it with you. Who knows what else lurks in the vaults? Just take a listen for yourself, and you'll ask, "Was this recorded by Usher or Dale Mann?" Oh, we’ll never tell.


In fact, this song has been sitting on a hard drive now for months, if not years! There’s something criminal about not sharing this with everyone. (Thanks to Aaron Shae, who did the original mix here.)

So whaddaya think? Def Jam Records, we’re waiting patiently for your call.








Aw, heck -- compare it to the original, if you like!

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