If you are from the Southwest Louisiana area and have ever listen to the radio, then you have heard the name Dale Mann.  Dale was born and raised right here in Lake Charles, Louisiana and had been in television and radio in this area for 49 years beginning in 1964.

Dale has the most distinct voice I have ever heard on the air and when you, as listeners hear it, you know it's Dale Mann.  I thought it would be fun to go behind the voice and give you ten things you don't know about Dale.

Here are ten things you don't know about Dale Mann:

1.  Dale Mann has had the honor of being voted the "Best Radio DJ" by Lagniappe magazine readers for the past 19 years in a row plus several years in a row with "The Times of Southwest Louisiana" magazine before it went out of business in 2010.

Dale Mann On the cover of Lagniappe Magazine

2.  Dale partied with "The King" Elvis Presley at Graceland.  Dale said that he received an invitation to Graceland and when he arrived Elvis and Priscilla came down from upstairs and greeted him. A couple years later, Dale received a Christmas card from "The King".

3.  Dale said his favorite artist he ever met and hung around with was Country music artist Neal McCoy but Dale has fond memories of hanging out with Country music mega stars George Strait, Conway Twitty and Kenny Rogers.

Dale Mann and Kenny Rogers
Dale And Conway Twitty

4.  You may not have known that Dale was a booking agent, road manager and concert promoter in Nashville, Tennessee for almost three years and was on tour with John Wesley Ryles for over two years.

5.  One of Dale's favorite types of music is Gospel music.  Dale even had a record that he put out with "The Areno's" called "If Jesus came to your house" which was recorded in Lake Charles at Lake Charles music.

6.  Since I am writing this article, you may not have known that Dale and I were on the cover of Lagniappe Magazine on December 2nd, 2004.  I was dressed up as shock jock Howard Stern while Dale was acting like he hated everything I was saying.

Mike Soileau and Dale Mann on Cover of Lagniappe Magazine

7.  Dale and his brother Aaron were rodeo announcers for over 20 years starting in 1986.  Dale and Aaron started in Mauriceville, Texas and Choupique, Louisiana which spawned them traveling five states working 48 weekends every year.  They had the pleasure of working with famous bull riders like Mike White who is from the Southwest Louisiana area and World Champion bull rider Chris Shivers.

Dale Mann and His Brother Aaron at the Rodeo

8.  In Dale's younger days, he wanted to be an auctioneer instead of the radio DJ and emcee that he became for so many years.

Dale Mann in 2nd grade

9.  Dale was in a three piece combo band back in the 1960's where he was the drummer playing at venues in the Southwest Louisiana area like the Candelight Inn on Highway 90 in Lake Charles.

10.  Dale loves his Harley Davidson motorcycles and riding all over the country.  In 1960, Dale was in a motorcycle accident where a soldier from Chennault air field hit Dale while his was riding his bike and Dale nearly lost his left leg and his life.  Dale said that his leg was reconstructed but it never stopped his love for his motorcycles and riding.

Here is a video of Dale talking about his love of Southwest Louisiana and him riding his motorcycle.

 I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as enjoyed getting to sit down with this radio legend who I am proud to call my friend.