At any point during the Saints playoff game with the Bears, did you switch over to Nickelodeon? The kids channel's coverage was getting tons of heat on the internet even before the game started from fans of both teams. I have to admit, the first time I heard the news, my initial reaction was you got to be kidding me.

Around the second quarter, I decided to give it a chance. And boy, I'm I glad I did. The hosts did a great job explaining the game to their young viewers and their graphics were awesome. Every time a team scored, they would have slim cannons going off. When I was a kid, my best memories of watching Nickelodeon came from their show You Can't Do That On Television when their characters would get slimed. They also had a ton of their characters on screen when the teams scored or had a great play. Replays were awesome, with tons of graphics on them from hearts all around players when they celebrated to an explosion and a cloud of dust around a player who just got hit hard. It was very entertaining.

I truly hope they do this again next season. The broadcast did a great job of explaining the game to kids by making it easy and fun to follow the action and not lose interest with their shorter attention spans. I would have to say the best highlight of the game happened after the game, when Coach Sean Payton got slimmed.

Coach Payton is such a great sport and that's why we love him. I eventually did turn it back to CBS, but for what it was, Nickelodeon did a great job and they definitely changed my mind on their coverage of the game.

One more thing to note. Obviously, this wasn't funny if you were watching the game with your kids, but this made me laugh. A hot mic caught Cordelle Patterson dropping an f-bomb on Nickelodeon while he was protesting a call.

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