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Spring is almost officially here. Tomorrow (March 20th) is officially the first day of Spring. And here in Louisiana, outside of a couple of chilly days following the recent storm, temperatures are rising and people are getting out and about. However, people aren't the only ones on the move due to the warmer temperatures.

Louisiana is known for its unique, beautiful and potentially deadly wildlife. From alligators to wild hogs, Louisiana is full of stuff that can kill you. The one thing you need to keep a particular eye out for in our state are snakes...especially during the spring time. They lay out in the sun, shed their skin and begin searching for food & mates after they thaw out from winter. During summer months, when temps really rise, snakes to tend to spend most of their active time at night. However, in the spring, they are out and about all the time.

According to Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries, there are 48 species of snakes that live in Louisiana. Of those 48, only 7 are venomous. And of those 7, only 6 are common enough for LWF to note and depict them on their native snake poster (which you can check out below).

Trivia Tuesday:
Snakes are out and about. Take a look at this poster from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries...

Posted by St. Tammany Parish Government on Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The other thing about snakes to keep in mind is that humans are not a target. Unless they feel threatened or you are firmly in the way of their escape plan, snakes will not mess with you. However, if you mess with them, they will strike.

Get out on the lake, go hiking, enjoy everything that Louisiana has to offer. Just keep an eye out for snakes.

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