Ashley Madison. The cheating website. The second largest dating website on the Internet. Their user list was hacked and leaked to the web, and you can use the map above to find out just how prevalent Ashley Madison usage is in Southwest Louisiana.

We've heard of celebrities who ended up on the list. We've heard of state officials who popped up on the list. This map doesn't tell you WHO's there, just how many. (Click on the "Visible Layers" box and make sure you turn on "User Distribution.")

The folks at Tecnilogica made up this little map. It reports over 7,100 users in Lake Charles alone, with  over 82% of them being male. (No surprise at that percentage, we guess.) In Sulphur, there are Over 2,300 members, with over 84% of them being male.

Some cities aren't represented -- or have no members at all. (I suppose that could be true.) Cameron,  Vinton and Jennings aren't on the map, for instance.

I dunno -- use this map as you will. Also, remember that if you go looking for certain information, you can't go crying to anyone when you find it. Good luck and God speed.

Check out the full page map.