They say admitting you have a problem is the first step. I've known for a long time I was a TV junkie, but my newest addiction is "Mad Men." I'm just really late to the bossa nova party. "Mad Men" aired on AMC for seven seasons between July of 2007 and May of this year. Here's how my story goes...

I was convalescing at home a couple of weeks ago after a recent surgery. All I could do was lay in bed for a week, doctor's orders. My DVR is always full of shows, but it's rerun season, so I've seen everything. And do you know how often DIY-TV and HGTV play reruns?

Off to Netflix I went. I watched all the episodes of "House of Cards" starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, that were available. I meandered through the Netflix jungle (territory that is relatively new to me) and stumbled across "Mad Men."

One episode in and I was a goner. From the advertising brilliance of Don Draper, to the fashion, to the beautiful cinematography, to Don Draper, to the amazing actors and actresses, to Don Draper and his chiseled features, to the cultural differences and quirkiness that was that time period, to Don Draper... did I mention Don Draper?... the show is masterful.

Don Draper is an amazingly flawed central character you WANT to dislike, but you just can't HELP but love him. Even if you manage not to, each and every character is so well-developed, he or she develops his or her own following.

It's set in the 60s, and it's about the advertising industry on Madison Avenue in New York City. Hence, "Mad Men" and all that the name implies. The show's creator, Matther Weiner, said in one interview that what WASN'T said in the show was as important as what WAS said. And it is. He and whatever team he managed to assemble just got it right. The viewers were and ARE very lucky to be able to consume such brilliant work, in my humble opinion.

There's even a Facebook group called MADdicts! You have to ask to join the group. I'm still debating whether or not to click that little button.

As for critical acclaim, "Mad Men" has won 15 Emmys and four Golden Globes, and it has been nominated for 11 Emmys this year. Apparently, someone much more credentialed than I decided it was worthy of such accolades.


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