I’m a TV Junkie Addicted to “Mad Men”
They say admitting you have a problem is the first step. I've known for a long time I was a TV junkie, but my newest addiction is "Mad Men." I'm just really late to the bossa nova party. "Mad Men" aired on AMC for seven seasons between July of 2007 …
Saints Featured on National Game This Sunday
The majority of football fans in the lake area are Saints fans; but there are a lot of Dallas Cowboys fans here also. This weeks Saints vs. Cowboys game will pit them against each other in a game that will be nationally televised.
My Cousin, the 11-Year-Old Meteorologist! [VIDEO]
Yesterday, my cousin's little girl, Quinn Klein, went on the midday show on KPLC to do the weather with meteorologist Ben Terry -- and she did a great job!
Quinn, who is 11 years old,  is the daughter of Erica Broussard, who is my cousin.  She was able to get this opportunity from a fu…