Sorry to keep you in suspense for so long, but we really wanted to announce the Cajun Radio 2011 Artist of the Year with some flair.  Congratulations go out to Horace Trahan, whose fans got coordinated and put their man on top.  With over 51 percent of the vote – out of a field of 10 artists! – Horace Trahan owned 2011!



But that’s not to take away from any of the other artists who were nominated this year!  Fans for every artist turned out in droves once the story hit Facebook.  It’s a lesson to remember for 2012 – when we ask for next year’s Artist of the Year, vote like there’s no tomorrow!  I interviewed Horace this morning at 9:15 a.m. when we made the announcement! Here is what he had to say!




Here’s a full breakdown of the votes:


Artist of the Year results


In what we hope is a new tradition for Cajun Radio, we’re going to be welcoming our Artist of the Year, Horace Trahan, into the Cajun Radio studios for a special concert that you can attend!  Watch Horace get his prize live, then hang out for a special, intimate concert and a meet-and-greet!  We’ll have more details on this concert in the coming week, but for now, make sure you’re a member of Cajun Radio’s VIP program, and start earning points.  Our VIPs will have a special chance to attend this limited-seating concert!

And for those of you who aren’t VIPs … well, you should be … but we’ll have some ticket giveaways to include you, too.  It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ to all the people who make our website and radio station a great place.  And it’s a way to say ‘thank you’ to the artists making this great music!


And let’s talk for a moment about the “Other” category.  This was the area where you could insert your own write-in votes in case we missed your favorite artists.  Fans of the group The Backwood Boyz decided to get to work.  Unfortunately, The Backwood Boyz had not gotten any airplay on Cajun Radio as of the time of this poll.  Therefore, we couldn’t fairly tally them in the same way as our other artists – but they received enough write-ins to definitely get them an honorable mention!  They had around 408 votes, which would technically put them at fifth on our list!  Hopefully, you’ll soon be able to hear The Backwood Boyz on Cajun Radio.


We were absolutely blown away by the response this poll got.  It simply affirms our mission here – to be the world’s best source for Cajun music, to treat our heritage the same way other radio stations treat rock stars!  Don’t let anyone tell you Cajun music is unpopular or just for a certain age group or demographic.  We’re constantly surprised at how wide the reach is for this music, and a poll like this proves it!  Cajun music is EVERYWHERE, and it is growing, even in this day and age!

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