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Happy Birthday To Dave Soileau -- Tribute Show Today
Today, we celebrate the Co-founder of Cajun Radio Dave Soileau. Today is Dave's Birthday and he would have turned "68" today.

This morning, I am paying tribute to Dave, My dad, by playing his favorite music, telling stories, playing track of his voice that we have and even having sp…
Cajun Radio Gets A Fan Letter From Canada [VIDEO]
From time to time we get emails from fans and listeners either requesting their favorite song or they just send us comments about how much they like Cajun Radio.

Well today, I received a letter in the mail. Yes people the mail, like with a stamp on it! It was a fan from Ottawa Ontario Canada! So…
Cajun Radio Under Construction
A couple weeks back, our studios was struck by lightning not once but like 4 times.  It fried a lot of stuff and all of our syndicated programs.  But now, the engineers are currently in our studios and putting a brand new board!
Check out this video to see what's happening in our studi…
Animals Invade The Cajun Radio Studio
On Tuesday, the fine folks from Moody Gardens in Galveston came to the studio and brought some special friends. One of our visitors was a Cockatoo and one was a Blue-tongued skink (Which is a scary lizard/snake cross).
While i was interviewing Amber from Moody Gardens, Azul the blue-tongued skink sta…

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