Facebook is really upping their game this year when it comes to the election, and that has translated into constant reminders from the tech company to vote, or to register to vote.

Facebook says that they are serving those to anyone over the age of 18 in the United States which is a noble effort and all, but we're getting sick of seeing them. And, in case you were wondering, they don't just send them to people who support one candidate or the other:

Facebook sends these reminders to help people make their voice heard during an election. These reminders are sent to people who are old enough to vote, no matter who they support.


The ads pop up at the top of your Facebook feed multiple times every day, and people are starting to get PRETTY sick of them. But, they're not like regular ads where you can just snooze them, or hide them, or block them. Nope, Facebook got tricky with these ones and have made it a little more difficult to get rid of them.

Luckily, people have figured out how to get rid of them (and nicely shared that info on Facebook), so we wanted to pass that knowledge on to you - so you can stop yelling, "I'M ALREADY REGISTERED" at your phone ten times every day. It's pretty simple.

How to Turn Off Voting Reminders on Facebook

Now remember, just because Facebook isn't reminding you, that doesn't mean that it's not important to vote. You can get all of the information that you need for voting on November 3rd here. 

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