I didn't think I wanted a minivan until I read this listing.

In my career, I've done my fair share of remote broadcasts at car dealerships. During that time, I've learned a good bit about vehicles and one of the car dealer quotables that has always stuck with me is: "When it comes to minivans, there's the Honda Odyssey... then there's everything else."

While that quote isn't necessarily official by any means, it's the first thing I thought of when I read this hilarious listing for a 2012 Honda Odyssey out of Baton Rouge. Facebook Patrick Fellows posted the vehicle up for sale on Facebook describing the used minivan in "OK TO GREAT shape" with a promise to wash it before personally delivering it to your front door.

HEADS UP: A listing this funny does have a few swear words in there, but nothing too serious—so be warned and prepare to laugh.

So there you have it. A brutally honest (but hilarious) listing for a minivan that is perfect for you and your family, and even if you weren't in the market for one, you probably want one now.

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