Another food company is attempting to dip its proverbial toe into the bayou of south Louisiana. Neilly's Foods Global Cuisine has produced a Cajun Gumbo and Rice Mix.

It's not being well-received by Louisiana folks. It's not pretty. And, frankly, I doubt it should even be called gumbo.

According to the instructions for preparation on the company's website, you can prepare it on the stove or in the microwave. You should add olive oil or butter. The list of meats you can add includes crayfish (mais la!) or bacon (oh yie yie!).

All of the ingredients, including okra and tomatoes in the plastic container are dried. They must have missed Jude Walker's "Ten Commandments of Gumbo."

My little Cajun heart hurt that it's ready in only twenty minutes.That fact, in and of itself, should have alarms sounding in the head of anyone who has put together a true south Louisiana gumbo.

And not one single mention of ROUX!

My poor Maw Maw, God rest her soul, may be rolling in her grave. She may come back and pull somebody's toes for using the word "gumbo" in such a way!

Maybe we just need to invite the good folks at Neilly's Foods to south Louisiana and show them the error of their ways.

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