While we might not be seeing as much of the Duck Dynasty guys on television as we used to see, we can still catch more than an eyeful or ear full as the case may be thanks to the family podcast Unashamed. Last week, we brought you a story from that podcast that involved a different kind of hunting story.

Aquachigger via YouTube
Aquachigger via YouTube

In that story, we told you of the time that Jase Robertson discovered a body in the road as he was headed out to hunt early one morning. The reaction to that story was true Duck Dynasty hijinks through and through. Only the Roberston boys could stumble across this kind of craziness and then explain the story in such a hilarious way.

But wait, there are apparently more good stories that need to be shared when it comes to Duck Dynasty humor. Now, I will be the first to admit that on the Unashamed podcast not only will you get some good belly laughs but you might find yourself involved in a bit of a Sunday School lesson from time to time too. But you know the message and the stories all come from the heart.

Now the latest story that has captured my attention from the Duck Dynasty clan involves Jep Robertson and Miss Kay, the matriarch of the Robertson family, and her meatloaf. Apparently, Miss Kay, like a lot of good southern mama's knows how to put together a meatloaf that will stop traffic.

Here's how Jase described the action via Instagram:

Apparently, there is a rule of thumb that all hunters should ascribe too. That rule is don't overdo the meatloaf when you're going to be heading out into the woods early the next day.

Needless to say Jep's enjoyment of Miss Kay's meatloaf the night before led to the entire Roberston clan being reduced to tears as they recounted his search for a dry place to ... take care of his business.

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