You probably didn't know it, but yes, Louisiana has a school that has been dubbed pretty creepy. Ellerbe Road School is located in Caddo Parish on an old country road that goes by the same name, Ellerbe Road. It's allegedly haunted and has even been called the "Satan School" by locals who live nearby.

The school was formally known as George Washington Carver High and operated as a segregated school back in the '50s and '60s. The school gained its reputation for being haunted due to stories of students and a janitor disappearing. In addition, there have also been claims of molestation and abductions, and urban legend has it that some students were said to have even perished in a school fire.

Thus, the school was called the "Satan School" and rumored to have been frequented by devil worshipers. No one has ever produced any proof of any of the horrific claims, but visitors sure keep the stories alive. Thrill seekers tour the now crumbling property and claim to have heard screams and voices coming from the halls.

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