Louisiana Governor Jon Bel Edwards has announced that he will hold a press conference this morning, January 13th at 10:30 am.

Governor Edwards is expected to address the COVID-19 And Omicron variant in Louisiana.  In the press conference, Edwards is expected to speak about Louisiana's response to COVID-19 And Omicron variant.

It is unknown if Edwards is going to announce any executive orders like a mask mandate or anything like that.  During the press conference, Edwards will also have Dr. Joe Kanter from the Louisiana Department of Health who will speak during the press conference.

So far in the pandemic, Louisiana has had 967,533 cases of COVID-19 and 15,116 deaths in the state. Currently, Louisiana has almost 2000 people hospitalized with the accurate number sitting at 1999. Of those, 111 people are currently on ventilators.

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Daily cases have been on the rise as well with over 17,000 cases reported yesterday. and 14 new deaths.

97% of new cases are coming from the Omicron variant while 3% of new cases are coming from the Delta Variant. All this info is been reported by the Louisiana Department of health.

So if you want to hear what Louisiana Governor Edwards has to say, tune in at 10:30 am this morning on your local news media Facebook and YouTube pages to see and hear what he has to say about Louisiana's response to the pandemic.

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