Most of us do not approach total strangers and ask them to verbalize what they perceive to be our greatest faults and weaknesses. But this is 2022 and we do have the Internet and people do that anyway without being asked.

However, the devious minds behind Wendy's Restaurant's Twitter feed have been actively recruiting people, celebrities, businesses, and other companies to come on over for a good roasting. In this case, roasting isn't something delicious to eat. It's more like a well-timed, well-placed insult.

And nobody does it better than Wendy's Twitter. It truly is one of the more entertaining feeds on that social media site. While Wendy's can be a lot irreverent, they never seem to cross the line. Which is what makes this kind of "poking fun" enjoyable. They also have been requested by their "victims" to roast them.

That's the way the invitation went out on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, everybody's favorite redhaired burger babe started slinging the fire and the roasting was underway.

One of the first to feel the wrath of Wendy was the good people at Busch Beer

Oh My! I hope our friend Priscilla Block, who is an over the top fan of Busch Beer wasn't too offended by that roast.

But wait, Wendy wasn't done. She took on some of the other big names in corporate America too. Here's the roast of Embassy Suites.

And then Miss Thang decided she would go after Monster Energy Drinks.

There was also a request by Jagermeister for a bit of a roast.


And Wendy even went after a few folks in her own industry. Check out this "Double Roast" delivered like a hot knife through butter at Jack in the Box and maybe one other fast food restaurant.


Somehow Wendy even found a way to take on the City of Orlando Florida.

Even Sour Patch Kids weren't immune to the wrath of rapier wit of the little red-haired girl.

The beauty of Wendy's Roast Day is that she takes no prisoners. She says what a lot of us are thinking.

I can't believe there weren't tears shed by the Yoplait people over this burn.

You know, Wendy isn't wrong about Triscuits.

But by far, at least in my opinion the most serious burn of the day came in the form of this comment directed at Velveeta Cheese. Or should I say Velveeta Cheese-like substance?

Wendy's can only hope that none of their victims are aware that this really hip and swinging training video from the restaurant still exists online.

Awkward for sure, but not nearly as awkward as this.

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