I'm sure there are more than five thing in my kitchen I'd rather not live without. But I've found that, over the years, I've accumulated some really nifty gadgets and some old stand-bys I will be sure to replace if they ever go missing.


  • Tracy's colander
    Tracy's colander

    My Expandable Colander

    I found this nifty gadget at a kitchen outlet store. A normal, every-day colander has to be set in a sink or balanced somewhere precariously. My amazing find sits on the apron of the sink, has expandable handles to fit the width of most sinks, is easily washed by hand or dishwasher, and collapses for easy storage.

  • Tracy's ceramic knives
    Tracy's ceramic knives

    Ceramic Knives

    The day I found my colander at the kitchen outlet store, we were looking for knives to replace our dull set. We saw these. They were inexpensive and a woman was looking at them, too. We were skeptical and discussing them. She told us she had used them and raved about how wonderful they were. We made the purchase and absolutely love them. Be warned! They are very sharp.

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    Programmable Coffee Pot

    While many people have switched to the popular Keurigs, I will remain faithful to my programmable coffee pot. First and foremost, there is something magical about waking up to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee in the morning. Second, I use a travel mug every morning that requires at least three to four cups to fill it up. Step aside, Keurig. This is a job for Black & Decker.

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    Dutch Oven

    I was supposed to get a jewelry armoire. This pot was a Christmas present. I picked out my jewelry box, told him where to buy it, and he waited too long. They were sold out. So he got me a pot. After I appropriately shamed him on the radio and to family and friends, my dear husband ended up winning that Christmas about 15 years ago. I love my Dutch oven. I use it all the time. And I've never gotten kitchen appliances as gifts since then, by the way.

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    Debit Card

    Technically, it's not a kitchen tool. You may be correct in that observation, unless you live my life. And if you stop for a moment and seriously consider it, this rectangular piece of plastic is the most basic of kitchen tools. I'm not referring to it as such in the sense that it can buy groceries or gadgets, but rather in the sense that it can buy actual meals. It may be my most favorite kitchen gadget of all.

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