Should web providers be able to decide what content you can see and at what speed your content can be delivered? The Federal Communication Commission is set to vote on this issue today! Here is how it affects you.

getty images/Alex Wong

So lets say your web provider is WEBX. WEBX has a deal with Netflix so they deliver content from Netflix at high speed and slow down the delivery of Youtube in an effort to make you use Netflix. That is just one example of what could happen.That's why the  FCC has proposed new net neutrality law. At this point it looks like a sure thing. What this basically does in insure that web access and delivery speeds of individual sites can not be regulated by a web provider.

This is super important for smaller local sites like this one. It keeps a provider from saying "let's block all of these local sites and just allow access to the big national news sites." In our opinion the FCC got this right. What do you think?

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