Why is there always drama with our Black and Gold? We just have a decent draft and then the union tells players not to sign with us. What is up with this?

Brandin Cooks
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We  it seems the Louisiana legislature (in all of their wisdom) is about to passed a law allowing workers comp to be base on per diems (the bill has already passed in the Louisiana House of Representatives and now heads to the senate.) This works out well for anyone who makes the same pay base all year long. It is not good for most NFL players whose salary is much smaller in the off season. If they get hurt in the off season it could be a major difference in the amount of worker's compensation.

According to WWL the NFL Players Union is fighting the bill. They issued a statement from Drew Brees saying the bill  "is not good for Saints players, not good for our team or other sports teams in Louisiana and not good for our state."

If this bill passes would it affect the Saints ability to sign players? The NFLPA has issued this statement "Please advise your players of the potential consequences of the Saints' efforts should they sign with the Saints." It seems like they could wait to issue that type of statement until after of when the bill passes.

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