Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate litter. I was really glad to see that new state law specifically includes cigarettes and cigarette butts as litter and imposes fines for throwing them on the ground.

getty images/ Justin Sullivan

I realize that smokers feel picked on and discriminated against. Areas where smoking is allowed have shrunk and public acceptance of smokers is shrinking. I have watched as loved ones have died and suffered from smoking and myself have battled cancer. I have nothing against smokers and believe that this is America and you are free to do as you please as long as you throw your butts away properly. New Louisiana state law has a $300 fine for littering with cigarette butts for first offenders and $700 and 16 hours community service for second offense. The third offense fine is $800 and 80 hours of picking up litter. Please use an ashtray or trash can.


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