The mosquito -- many say they're the unofficial state bird of Louisiana.  But they're even worse than you think.

Mosquitoes are a fact of life here in the Bayou State.  This might be one of the worst places in America to live if mosquitoes are a deal-breaker for you.  Ask anyone who lives out in the country -- there's usually enough of them swarming after a good rain to carry away an SUV.

So what are you gonna do?  Slather yourself up with insect spray so you can smell like a science experiment? Well, it can help.  But there are few other things it's helpful to know, such as:

  • Don't slap at mosquitoes -- you're making it worse for yourself.  Every time you slap yourself, you bring more blood to skin you slapped.  Blood is what mosquitoes want, so what you're basically doing is shining a big ol' spotlight on yourself.  Slapping your skin ATTRACTS more mosquitoes.  Brush them away instead, and only swat at them when they've landed on a hard surface.
  • If you're pregnant, good luck.  Same thing for obese people.  I know that sounds blunt, but pregnant women's body heat is higher than non-pregnant women.  And obese people expel more carbon dioxide when they exhale, which attracts mosquitoes.
  • Is your blood Type O?  Sorry, mosquitoes like you more than everyone else.  Life is going to be a bit tougher for you when it comes to skeeters.
  • Mosquitoes kill more people every year than any other beast in the animal kingdom.  Because they spread disease.  They are sooooo gross.
  • You aren't even the mosquito's first choice for a meal. They actually prefer birds, but you'll do as a consolation prize.
  • Bites driving you crazy?  Simple soap and water may give your relief.  Calamine lotion and cortisone are also good.  But if you get dizzy or nauseated after getting bitten, you may be having an allergic reaction,
if you want a more scientific explanation on all of this, check out this video below.  Also, you can learn more from this little paper and this little website.


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