So you live in Lake Charles and your water is a little rusty, or smells like chlorine or your water pressure is low. It's actually a good thing.

Don Rivers

First of all the City of Lake Charles wants you to know that your water is safe to drink (it just may not look or smell appealing.) They also want you to know that this is part of a city wide free disinfection project. Here is the latest release from the City of Lake Charles.

The free chlorine disinfection project has been completed in the area serviced by the Center Street water treatment plant and has moved to the southern section of the City, from School Street south to the city limits, serviced by the McNeese Water Plant and the Southwest Water Plant. This phase of the project is scheduled to last approximately two weeks.

The purpose of the process is to allow free chlorine to disinfect all portions of the water distribution system to reduce the occurrence of biofilm and nitrification which occur in water systems over time.

Some cloudy water may persist in the service area for several weeks and customers may also notice a chlorine odor. Due to the thorough flushing required as part of the process, customers may temporarily experience minor to moderate rusty water and lower than normal water pressure may occur at times. The water is safe to drink.

Customer experiencing problems, especially those with very low water pressure, are asked to call the City’s Water Quality Department during business hours at 491-1598 or 491-1554. After hours problems should be reported to the Water Division 24 hour line at 491-1483.

The free chlorine disinfection process, which began on April 29, is scheduled to continue through June.


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