UPDATES 8:23 a.m.: Police have identified the shooter as James Holmes, 24.  CBS News reports that when police when to Holmes's apartment, it was "booby trapped" with ammunition and chemicals.  The death toll from the attack originally reported 14 deaths, though officials have since revised that number to 12.

In a freak occurrence, some crazed 24-year-old gunman in Aurora, Colo., (a suburb of Denver) opened fire at a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” and killed 12 people, wounding 50 others.

Police said the movie was just preparing to start when the killer, dressed all in black and wearing a gas mask, opened at least one or two canisters of some sort of gas, which emitted a hissing sound. Then he opened fire.
It was unclear this morning just how many of those wounded were hit by bullets. Some witnesses, like the ones in this video, reported “exploding” gas canisters.

Some victims were treated for chemical exposure, according to USA Today. At least 10 people died in the theater, while the rest died from their wounds in a local hospital.

The killer, meanwhile, was found in his car behind the theater with his mask and multiple guns. There seems to be no motive at this time — as if there could possibly be one. After all, what sane reason could you have to kill 12 random people? While no other shooter is suspected, the killer did mention something about explosives being back at his apartment.

The youngest victim was reportedly just six years old and was still being treated this morning. Six other children were being treated for wounds.

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