Much to the joy of SWLA, crawfish season is here. There's nothing sweeter than the roar of propane being lit under a pot filled to the brim with some crawfish.

Experts are saying the recent cold snaps here in SWLA delayed the young crawfish molting process to grow bigger, and they're moving slower to the traps. This is directly affecting the size and price of crawfish right now.

Local restaurants are reporting it's been difficult to keep the mudbugs in stock. Owners are also saying the crawfish they're getting are very small. However, that hasn't stopped the overwhelming demand.

Below is a list of local crawfish prices:

  • Bourq's Fresh Seafood - $6.99/1LB boiled, $5.00/1LB live
  • Crawfish Stop on Country Club - $7.50/1LB boiled
  • Heads or Tails - $6.99/1LB boiled
  • Honey B Ham & Deli - $6.99/1LB boiled, $4.75/1LB live
  • Paradise Daiquiri Moss Bluff - $6.75/1LB boiled
  • Rouses Market Moss Bluff - $4.99/1LB boiled, $3.99/1LB live
  • TaD’s Louisiana Cooking - $6.99/1LB
  • Boulet's Boil-n-Go - $6.99/1LB boiled, $4.25/1LB live
  • Cody's Crawfish Shop - $6.99/1LB boiled, $4.25/1LB live
  • D & D Seafood - $4.25/1LB live
  • LeBleu's Landing - $8.30/1LB boiled
  • Richard's Boudin & Seafood Mart - $7.99/1LB boiled
  • Rouses Market Sulphur - $4.99/1LB boiled, $3.99/1LB live
  • Circle 7 Seafood -  $7.97/1LB boiled
  • Rikenjaks - $34.95/5LB boiled

Find out local crawfish prices here.

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