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If you are a real human, you've made some real human stupid mistakes. Think of the time you had your glasses in your hand and spent an hour looking all over the house for them. Embarrassing huh?

But, how often was your stupid human mistake dumb enough to land you in the hospital? Well, Tessica Brown, from New Orleans took to Instagram to own up to her "bad, bad mistake."

From what she says in her video, it was about a month ago when Tessica's mental lapse caused her the dilemma in question. At least she was confident enough to own up to the mental mistake and possibly save someone else from making the same mistake.

However, I'm betting this is probably a first, so I'm not exactly sure who she might have saved. So, what did she do? While doing her hair, she realized she was out of her normal hair spray, so she sprayed her head down with Gorilla Glue Spray.

As she says, "Bad mistake." After the video went viral, she decided she needed to make a trip to the hospital, which she also documented on Instagram, showing a picture of a bottle of sterile water for irrigation and captioned it with "This is really about to be a long process."

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