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2020 was an exciting year when it comes to aliens and UFOs. Several highly level government officials basically confirmed that aliens exist and the U.S. has machines "not from this world". Legislators made it law that the Pentagon has release their UFO findings. And, there were several sightings that were credible and shot with quality cameras. Unlike years gone by, were finally starting to get clearer images/video instead of all that grainy footage that you can't tell what's happening. As the slug for the X-Files says, "The truth is out there" and every day we seem to be getting a little bit closer.

With all that said, someone recently uploaded what is widely considered the best UFO footage ever taken. The video was shot from a window seat on a plane. You can see an object hovering not too far away from the plane before it quickly disappears. The quality of the footage is so good, some folks online dispute whether or not this footage was edited. Others online believe that the object is a weather balloon that gets edited out to give the appearance of a UFO darting off. Check it out for yourself and draw your own conclusions:

Much like most things related to aliens and UFOs, we'll probably never really know the truth. But, with the advancement of technology and the quality of cell phone cameras improving every day, it won't be long before we see footage that will be indisputable. And on that day, Fox Mulder will weep tears of joy.

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